April 8th, 2010
out of 10
Type Racer

If you’re the kind of person that hates to type this is where you go to the next game. Otherwise go play immediately. In Type Racer players compete with several opponents in a race to type a phrase the fastest. Every time you type a word your car gets closer to the finish line.

While it is a lot of fun to play, I would have to recommend playing only once or so a day. After you play for about 5 minutes you’re ready to move on to the next thing. That is of course unless you’re a hardcore typing enthusiast, then by all means have at it.

There are more than enough players to compete against, and most of which only do so casually, so unfortunately for those who type in excess of 50 WPM you won’t find much competition – although it is out there.

Type Racer

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